LIMITED EDITION :: City of Benares - A True Story from WWII

This is a true story about two brothers who lived during World War II and were child evacuees from London. It is the sweetest tale of love and sacrifice, and would be great for any age. Aside from being a book just for children, it would make an amazing coffee table book, and is a great conversation starter!

Mary Moore Rabb (author and illustrator) became friends with the story's main character in 2011, and they remain friends to this day. She is dedicated to preserving this precious history in these years (2016-2020), the 75th anniversary of World War II. So few survivors are still living, and we must capture their stories. She wrote his story over long cups of tea at his house in England, and illustrated them in 3-5 color linocut prints for her final degree show at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Her prints were reproduced beautifully in a digital format for the printing of this book. The story is a treasure that is worth sharing with others!

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